Trees and plants can help reduce temperature and CO2 emissions in urban areas and aid in improving air quality – lessening the impact of climate change. They also provide food and shelter for wildlife – including important pollinators. 它们调节水流,增加财产价值. Noise 污染 may be lessened by 树 and plants deadening unwanted sound. Vegetation can have a positive impact on people’s stress and mood, creating a more pleasant environment in which to live and work. Beautifying an area with landscaping can drastically improve the perception of as well as the use of a space. 社区花园、屋顶花园等. 能成为食物的来源吗. Trees and plants provide an excellent return on their investment for a community.


Similar in the way plants benefit our community, they also benefit our home – inside and out. They provide improvement to air quality; and larger 树 will have positive impact on temperatures – reducing the cost of cooling and heating a home. Indoor and outdoor plants improve our mood and general well-being. Vegetation can provide a food source for people and wildlife. Our homes can increase in property value with attractive landscaping, and plants improve the quality of life in our residential neighborhoods.


Native plants are those that occur naturally (without human introduction), 他们在欧洲殖民统治之前就在这个国家了. 当地人因地区而异. Native plants do their best work when in the locations that match their growing needs. They are in their element so to speak – and therefore likely to not rely on additional 水ing and/or fertilizers and/or pesticides. They assist with 水 regulation and support the health of the soil they grow in. Native plants are an excellent and important habitat and food source for pollinators and other wildlife. 本土植物吸引更多的益虫, 鸟, 和蝴蝶, 它们通常是低维护成本的工厂. 它们增加了生物多样性——生命的多样性, 植物和动物都有, 这有助于aoa体育官网的生态系统保持健康.

寻求身心健康的提升? 照顾室内和室外的植物可以提供这两者. 在家里种植植物, where we work and in healthcare facilities benefit our overall well-being. They improve indoor air quality – helping filter air pollutants and stabilize CO2 levels. 有趣的是, the presence of plants in hospitals can help people heal more quickly and use fewer pain relievers in the recovery process. When patients participate in Horticulture Therapy (interacting with and caring for plants during recovery) after medical procedures they have significantly reduced healing times. And gardening can have therapeutic effects on those who have suffered trauma. 

Ornamental plants have shown to positively affect the compassion people feel for other people. Plants decrease our stress levels and help us feel more relaxed, 有他们在身边会改善aoa体育官网的情绪, creating a positive energy both important in everyday life and when undergoing medical treatment. Spending time in nature routinely can lead to better mental health – less likely to be depressed and/or stressed. Having vegetation where we live and work helps us concentrate due to their calming influence, 从而提高aoa体育官网的性能和准确性, and they promote a professional image along with a feeling of caring – also important in healthcare facilities.

也包括植物的药用特性. Plants are not only used in producing remedies but can also be used in the research of treatments.

Gardening and tending plants also have these positive health effects. 园丁倾向于吃更健康的食物. And just 5 minutes of gardening can improve self-esteem and mood – and some forms of gardening such as digging, 除草, 和耙地是很好的体育锻炼.


Plants, indoor and out, help remove air pollutants and toxins, and stabilize CO2 levels. Plants, through photosynthesis, convert carbon dioxide (what we exhale) into oxygen. 植物在aoa体育官网的生态系统中扮演着重要的角色, cleaning air and purifying 水 as well as helping to prevent soil erosion. 湿地是美国一个受到威胁的生态系统.S. 在植物和土壤中储存大量的碳. 城市环境中的树木有助于降低臭氧等空气污染物.


植物授粉是种子系列的第一步, 水果, 蔬菜, 以及下一代的植物生产. Pollinators play a vital role in this process and include bees, 鸟, 蝴蝶, 飞蛾, 蝙蝠, 其他昆虫, 小型哺乳动物. 他们把花粉从一株植物移植到另一株植物上, and with a large percentage of plants needing pollinators to assist with pollination this is a vital responsibility. 可悲的是, the pollinator populations are declining due to loss of habitat, 使用除害剂, 污染, 等. The task of pollinators is crucial to our food production – 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat exists because a pollinator helped in the production of that food. Added to the important role pollinators play in our food production, they also support plants that affect our ecosystems – clean air, 水, 支持其他野生动物, 等. To help save the pollinators and therefore secure our food sources and healthy ecosystems, aoa体育官网可以为传粉者提供栖息地. 种植适合传粉者的植物, 树, and gardens – in both urban and rural areas – will go a long way in pollinator conservation.


树木有助于清洁空气和提供氧气. They remove tons of air 污染, including fossil fuel emissions. Trees work to make Earth a healthier planet by trapping 污染 in their leaves.

Healthy, well-maintained lawns and landscaping can help reduce fire risk. Make sure to prune and 水 vegetation to create a defensive space around your home. The right kind of plants and 树 with proper placement can lessen vulnerability to fire as well. Trees and plants that are moisture rich and those with low or no resins or oils tend to be more fire resistant and can serve as a protective barrier.

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